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3 Products from Jumbo Pets That Will Serve Your Pet Right

We all love pets and raise them like our kids. Fun fact about me is that I am scared of animals yet I love dogs. The irony is I had a dog when I was a kid, he was my first pet and I love playing with him despite being scared of getting bitten by him. I loved my pet but due to less nutrition and improper eating, he left too early. I got a new pet now, another dog which I am not scared of because he is a Labrador and they are super friendly and slightly stupid, pun intended. I feed my pet good healthy pet food that keeps him active and his tummy filled throughout the day. I buy their food from and you too can get healthy, full of nutrients food from them at a very low cost by availing jumbo pets discount codes from Let’s take a look at 3 pet foods that jumbo pet offers.

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Eukanuba Labrador Retriever

Eukanuba is making dog food for 60 years now and there is no other company that can make dog food better than Eukanuba. They design dog food by specific categories so that each dog breed will have required nutrition that too of great quality. It caters the needs of all breed and makes delicious treats for them. This food which I serve my Labrador is specifically designed for Labrador retrievers to nourish their health, weight and help them grow. The formula contains glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate to support joints and FOS to support digestion. L-carnitine helps burning fat and maintain health. This is specifically for adult dogs of 1+year of age. If you have a puppy Labrador or any other breed then you must check and find exact food for your dog breed.


Advance Adult with Chicken & Turkey in Jelly

I am not much of a cat fan but one thing I know for a fact is they love chicken, turkey, and beef. I once got a kitten for myself when I couldn’t get over my dog’s death, I was a kid at that time but I do remember feeding her lots of meat. This chicken and turkey cat food in jelly-like substance is really good for the nourishment of your cat. This formula contains food that is not only tasty but has no artificial color or flavors that makes it healthy and best cat food. Cats act like queens without any reason but with this food, they got a reason. Feed you 1+ year of age cat with this delicious treat. The company described a product like “If your cat had thumbs, they would give this tasty food two big thumbs up” then what are you waiting for? Hurry up buy this food and get up to 20% off by availing jumbo pets discount codes from


Hills Science Diet Adult Optimal Care Ocean Fish Pouches

Cats have an eating disorder, they want to be fed after every few minutes. They are lords, after all, they must be fed, right? This optimal care fish treats will keep their mood good. They come in pouches and can be fed one time a day or maybe two depending on your cat’s appetite. Keep your cat calm and happy with tender chunks of ocean fish in gravy. Each packet contains the right amount of nutrition and benefit that will keep your pet happy and healthy.
I hope this blog was helpful for you in feeding your pet right. If you want to know more, give us your feedback or comment below and we will enlighten you. have a great day.


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