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Make your Health Goals for 2019 with Smai Fitness

New Year, New Goals & New Resolutions

Welcome to 2019. It’s the time of the year where you make plans as New Year resolution or goals and try to stick to them to bring some change in our lives. Most of us actually do bring some positivity in our world but some goals are just hard to follow. Take fitness, for example, we add “join a gym” in our resolutions but we barely go to an actual gym for staying fit. Result? We get fat.


Another thing related to fitness is “I will exercise daily” which in fact is also a lie. You will have to skip exercising just because almost daily you get so busy in everyday life that we just forget to exercise and when we remember, its already new year and we had to join a gym. So many struggles. So little time.

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Fitness, Fashion & Equipment

When it comes to fitness, most of our fashion senses start to tickle. We buy special clothing in our favorite colors so we can join gyms or fitness clubs to build a good workout routine. At this point, most people go out shopping or shop online to use codes like smai discount code to avail saving on their favorite products. This is called shopping on a discount or shopping using coupons which are also a thing for yearly goals.


For all fitness fanatics, there are many online stores for gym equipment & activewear with accessories based on different kinds of gym sports such as boxing, martial arts & MMA. These sports keep us in shape while reduce our bad fat to keep us fit. But working out for these sports is no easy task. It takes training, focus and a strong will to get started and more training and workouts to become a pro.

Smai Equipment & Accessories

One of the leading online fitness equipment stores that deals in gym equipment is For over 30 years SMAI is one of the leading retailers on athletics market. Their high-quality products are a backbone to many gyms worldwide. With over 3000 gym & fitness related products in stock, they are one of leading suppliers of martial arts & fitness equipment that sells in over 65 countries. They also offer a sale on their products from time to time but you could find & use smai discount code during your purchase that can easily be found on many coupon website like etc across the internet.


Smai Fitness Catalogs

At you can find all equipment sorted so that you know where to look for the product that you’re looking for. Like for smai kettlebells, you can find them in Strength & Training section under Cross Training. Just make sure you also buy proper mats, walls & flooring cushions for your workout area as they are known to reduce injuries relating to workout.


There is a catalog section at smai website where we can see equipment and products available from their website. You can also find an online guide for exercising using smai equipment and product that is also sometimes referred to as smai fitness.

I think the best way for sticking to the fitness schedule I just to start exercising with easy routines so it can keep us motivated. On other hand, we should watch out for fast food, as the processed foods they use is one of the leading cause of fat & obesity. Create a time table like a schedule with plenty of space available for multiple tasks and try to follow your schedule from time to time to get used to juggling everyday tasks like a professional.


What your new year’s resolution? What New Year goals you made this time? And by any chance, did any one of the goals been completed? Let me know in the comments below.

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